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We offer hosting for any Scouting / Guiding related project around the globe. You have three packages to choose from. By default you will choose from one of our domains and your website address would be something like However you may contact us and arrange to use your own domain name (for a small one time fee).

Your site will be hosted on a server located in a world class data center with full fault tolerances so that the server should always be online. We run linux on our server which provided us with reliablity, uptime, and server security.

To signup for hosting all you need is a free InsaneScouter user account. At this level you will get:
  • 20mb space
  • 1 mysql databases with phpmyadmin access
  • type name
  • ftp access
  • server supports php, perl should work but since I don't use perl some teaks may be needed (asp / frontpage not offered)
  • online filemanager
  • access to site stats powered by awstats
If you signup as a paid user ($25 a year) your hosting space will go up to 50mb and you will get 5 mysql databases.

If you are a paid user and opt to upgrade again for an addtional $15 (on top of the $25) a year we will give you 1gb of drive space.

We do not check every website created on our servers but we make an effort to ensure the sites are Scouting related and friendly. If we find sites that we do not feel is appropiate for the Scouting community we will remove it. However we will not be able to keep our eye on every site, so feel free to contact support through our control panel if you find any problems.